Ignite! Brain Vitality Index App launch

The brain is the command centre of our body and determines everything we do, think and say, but it is often overlooked. The Brain Vitality Index, developed by QUT neuroscientist Professor Selena Bartlett of Brainunlocked, uses the latest understanding in neuroplasticity-based neuroscience combined with counselling to provide a tool and educational platform to enable people to understand how important their brain health is and how to look after it.

The Brain Vitality Index app helps people literally rewire their brains for positivity using simple strategies they can integrate into their lives using their phones and an eLearning platform to help them.

Join Ignite! The crowd-funding event to launch the Brain Vitality Index app on Saturday 19 July.

The event includes a seminar on brain vitality and why it is important to in-source your brain health and how anyone can change their brain for the rest of their life, food and a drink on arrival and entertainment including from QUT Creative Industries Deep Blue Orchestra.

More details can be found here.
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